I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

If you’ve been reading the blog for quite a while now, you more then likely know how I love talking about new music that i’m into, and new artists that i’ve happened to stumble upon.

It seems like I always have a few new songs in my Itunes Library at least three days out of the week, and that’s usually one or two new artists per week.

Yes, aside from having a passion for blogging, i’ve always felt like music is next to being my second favorite ( you also may know from different interviews that i’ve done, that I use to be a ‘Stache Lifestyle Rep’ for RED when I was 21, which is a division of Sony ).

Anyways, this Monday, I wanted to share with you all who i’ve recently been tuning into over these past few weeks, and that has been the extremely talented ‘Darlene Love‘.

If you haven’t heard of Darlene, she is actually the legendary backup singer and the focus of the film in “Twenty Feet From Stardom”.  She also was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011. The New York Times has called her “a thunderbolt voice embedded in the history of rock n’ roll…”.

With that being said, recently, i’ve downloaded multiple songs off of her new album that released in September called “Introducing Darlene Love” and let me tell you that Darlene has one powerhouse of a voice! That women can sing her heart out.


Her new album actually features songs written by Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Jimmy Webb, and many others. Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen both contributed two tracks each to her album, which is AWESOME.

My favorite songs off of her album are:

1. Forbidden Nights (Elvis Costello)

2. Little Liar (Desmond Child/Joan Jett)

3. Last Time (Stevie Van Zandt)

4. Jesus Is The Rock (That Keeps Me Rollin) (Stevie Van Zandt )


Not too long ago as well, here in Los Angeles, I actually went to see a concert, at which Darlene was performing at a venue called ‘The Whiskey’.

To my surprise, Stevie Van Zandt also played along side of her that night, which I was overly excited about.

I was blown away by the show, Darlene had incredible vocals, and honestly how can you go wrong with Stevie Van Zandt playing along with her, when she’s already so amazing?!!!

I’ll list her full track list below for you to check out, as well as links, and information on where you can download her album.


  1. Among The Believers (Stevie Van Zandt)
  2. Forbidden Nights (Elvis Costello)
  3. Love Kept Us Foolin’ Around (Linda Perry)
  4. Little Liar (Desmond Child/Joan Jett)
  5. Still Too Soon To Know (Elvis Costello)
  6. Who Under Heaven(Jimmy Webb)
  7. Night Closing In (Bruce Springsteen)
  8. Painkiller (Michael Des Barres/Paul Ill)
  9. Just Another Lonely Mile (Bruce Springsteen)
  10. Last Time(Stevie Van Zandt)
  11. River Deep, Mountain High (Phil Spector/Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich)
  12. Sweet Freedom (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)
  13. Marvelous (Walter Hawkins)
  14. Jesus Is The Rock (That Keeps Me Rollin) (Stevie Van Zandt)