Ladies, you know what? We spend way too much time fussing over things in life, which are only going to make us more stressed, more anxious and more tired.

Sure, we all have huge commitments like work, school and maybe even kids, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our girlfriends, no ma’am!

In fact, spending some quality time with the girls can actually help us to relax and give us a much needed break, and so you should never, ever underestimate the value it can bring.

But just how should you let your hair down and really let loose?

Here are just a few ideas to help you actually start to chill:

Play Games

Have you ever sat there wistfully dreaming of the good old days when you were a little kid?

The freedom it brought, and the carefree attitudes you had?

Most of us would kill to go back to simpler times, and although we can’t turn back the clock, there may well be ways to regress. Cracking open a trusty old bottle of wine with your gal pals is easy enough and then all you have to do is unleash the laughs! From Twister to board games, you can recreate the sleepovers of your teens. If you’ve got money to burn, you can even take the party elsewhere. Vegas, anyone? Failing that, you can bring the casino to the ‘casa’ and get in a little practice with bgo! There are loads of different online gaming sites you can use to have a giggle such as Costa bingo or even Party bingo, but bgo really gives you that true Vegas feel!

 Eat Together

Food is essential for life, right?

But in reality, it’s so much more than that!

Eating is a social activity whether you’re dining out or eating in, so why not indulge a little as a treat all together? Whether you book a table at the hottest restaurant in town, order in a pizza or even cook or bake with each other, there’s a lot of fun to be had, and a lot of deliciousness to be enjoyed!


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Take A Class

Whether you want to expand your mind or your skill set or just have a laugh, there are a whole load of easy classes you can take with friends.

Of course, you don’t want to stretch yourself even further than you already are, but providing you’ve got a healthy distraction on the go, there’s no harm in in at all.

Fitness classes are especially good fun, and it’s never too late to get involved. Ballet classes and the like aren’t just for kids, there are tons of benefits both to your health and socially!

You could even learn self-defence together – now that’s practical, and super kick-ass!


If money and time allows, there’s absolutely nothing like a weekend away with the girls, or even a nice long vacation.

From spa retreats to beach resorts, hiking to exploring, the world is a big old place and so we’ve got to get out there and see it. 

There’s no better way than with friends, and you’ll make enough memories to last a lifetime!

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