Hair 101

Wednesday, Feb 19th, 2014
By: Heather

Admit it. Every girl need’s her hair done every now and then, and as much as i’ve thought about it, I am one of those THAT SHOULD go to the Drybar every single day before work to get a major blowout.

Chances are, if you live on the west coast, you’ve probably seen at least a Drybar surrounding your favorite stores, if you live on the east coast however, finding a Drybar may not be that easy, seeing as in i’m originally from Ohio, and they most certainly need a Drybar over there because as of now, they do not have one.

If you have not heard of the Drybar, it is one fabulous salon that gives no hair cuts and just salon blowouts for only $40!

I took a recent visit to their Encino location, and fell in love. Such genuine staff & I had the chance to sip some champagne well getting my hair done!

IMG_0453 IMG_0454





 { I had the Mai-Tai blowout.  $40 }

Saturday, Dec 28th, 2013
By: Josie

Hello, lovely readers! Are you all prepared for the New Year? Let me take a quick moment to introduce myself, my name is Josie and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I studied Fashion in San Francisco, California. My knowledge and love for fashion and beauty will be put to use here on Chiffon Soufflé for all of you to enjoy.
Let’s start off with one of my favorite hair products I discovered about a year ago, when I was trying to grow out my hair. You may or may not have heard of it, it is called “moroccanoil“.



You can buy this online or at (most) salons and beauty stores, ranging from about $20-$70 per bottle. But! Get this! Suave makes the same stuff for less than half the price, and it works just as great! You can even buy it for color-treated hair at participating stores.

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
By: Heather

It’s crazy to think that Christmas is just about approaching upon us.

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite hair dryers actually called it quits on me, which I haven’t had the time to buy a new one, but this just rang a bell in my head to clue you guys in on some of my favorite, favorite, holiday hair savers for this upcoming holiday season.

When you are searching for good hair tools, such as a ceramic hair straightener, a blow-dryer that doesn’t give you split ends, and just a hot iron tool that will not damage your hair when in use, below are a few to name.

I have found these four items to be my favorite tools yet that I have used, and they’ve done nothing but make my hair a complete success.

1. John Frieda’s Sleek Finish Hair Straightener


I actually use this hair straightener daily and believe it or not, it is not an expensive purchase. I bought mine on a quick run to the drugstore for only $50.00. If you ask me, that is nothing but a steal, especially for John Frieda!

After using this hair straightener, I always see a glossy/sleek finish to my hair, and it hides all of my split ends instantly.

Recommended: If you are in a big rush or hurry this is great too!

( did I just admit that I have split ends? Opps!…)

2. Buttercup Blow Dryer By Drybar


This blow dryer has a powerful motor to get the job done fast and leaves your hair noticeably silky, smooth, and frizz-free. The Drybar is one of my favorite salon’s to visit in L.A, and just having it at home makes it that make easier to give myself a blow-out. I’m obsessed with this thing! It’s a little pricey at $190, but totally worth it!

3. SarahPotempa’s Beachwaver


This Beachwaver is so amazing with it’s technology, it’s not even funny! This lovely thing automatically curls your hair, just by pressing go! You don’t even have to curl your hair YOURSELF, how weird and cool is that? It has a customized extra long barrel, digital temperature control, and Left/Right control buttons. All you really have to do is click right or left on the controls, whichever way you want your hair to curl, and automatically press go! It’s a little pricey at $199.00, but SO worth it! You get the perfect beach-waved hair ever, and i’m totally not even joking!

4.  The Bombshell Curler By Sultra


Any curling iron is great when you don’t actually have a clamp on it. There is nothing more that I hate then getting bent creases in my hair because I have to clamp the ends of my hair with usually this medal-rod looking thing. The best way to the get the best curling results with no indents is to use a hot rod. This has always been one of my favorites as it works so well, the bombshell curling rod by Sultra. For $130.00 it’s totally worth the price!

Keep your hair healthy and safe!

Monday, September 30th, 2013
By: Heather

Do you guys know how we all have that once close cause that will always be near and dear to our hearts?

Well mine is cancer without a doubt.

My first experience with the horrible “c word”, was when my mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was about 12 years old, and then my cousin was diagnosed when he was 22 years old, and if that wasn’t bad enough, my grandma had cancer when she hit her 70’s, so even as much as I would hate it not to run in my family, it certainly does.

However, every single member of my family has beat cancer, and a friend near and dear to me who I recently met, is about to beat it too!

If you’re an avid reader of Chiffon Souffle, i’m sure you remember that a few months back I posted a blog post about I.C.O.N. Hair Products. If you haven’t seen the post, you can view it by clicking here.

It is our promise to provide products that are needed, rather than trendy. We’re about beauty that lasts. Each formula is painstakingly crafted, then hand-tested. Nothing goes to our stylists or to consumers without meeting I.C.O.N.’s standards”- Chiara ( founder of I.C.O.N. )


About a month or so back, I was introduced to I.C.O.N.’s replenishing spray, which is the total exact cure for dry, overly stressed and unruly hair. This spray conditions, restores and soothes tired, dry, “sick” hair.

What caught my eye most about this product though is that each purchase guarantees a donation to cancer research organizations like my favorite organization STOP CANCER.

I.C.O.N. will never stop donating to such a great cause until cancer stops, and that is why they are so near and dear to my very own heart.

I.C.O.N.’s cure replenishing spray works excellent on my hair, as I use it when my hair is half-dry and half-wet, otherwise known as “towel-dried”, it honestly takes out all of the tangled mess, and leaves it feeling soft, smelling good, and refreshed.

To help along side with I.C.O.N. to stop cancer, I will be selling their replenishing spray on Chiffon Souffle for you all to purchase within the end of this week, so stay tuned for it!

Thank you I.C.O.N. Hair for all that you guys do, and I am sending many prayers to Chiara!



Friday, July 19th, 2013
By: Heather

Happy Friday!

As much as I am excited to get my weekend off on the right foot, I know that i’ll have plenty of e-mails to answer over the weekend, which gives me much needed space to squeeze in time for the beach and attend a few pools.

During the majority of the summer, aside from trying to beat the heat myself, my hair is never really much of a fan of humidity and 100 degree weather either.

Not too long ago, I was recently introduced to a hair company called I.C.O.N., which they have their own hair salon in Los Angeles, and they make a multitude of hair products to love.

My hair is a little on the thicker side, and of course needs a trim every now and then, so I was un-sure of how it would react to the use of I.C.O.N. hair products, since it always seems to dry out, or become incredibly greasy by using too much product…. ( which really isn’t THAT MUCH. )


The 4 hair products that i’ve tried from I.C.O.N. are represented by their India line of multiple products. They included hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and their healing spray.

Here is a little run-down of their products, and I loved every single one of them:

  • CONDITIONER: The first time I used their India line conditioner the smell reminded me exactly of what the line is called “India”. The smell was not strong, and not one of those conditioners that give you a headache every time you apply it. The conditioner was filled with Moringa, and Argon oils that revitalized my scalp’s ends and gave my hair a finishing luster. The after effect of using the conditioner made my hair not only silky smooth, but it had no “grease” effect to it, as where most of the conditioners i’ve used do. It was so easy to just brush through my hair and do a complete blow-dry.
  • SHAMPOO: The shampoo had very similar similarities to the conditioner in terms of scents. Their shampoo was also infused with Moringa and Argon oils, which nourish and heal your hair. It was also filled with anti-agers, and anti-oxidants for shine and pure strength. The after effects left my hair with no split ends and smelling fabulous!
  • HAIR OIL: I.C.O.N. hair oil literally soothed my frayed hair and split ends that I had previously before I used it! Gently using this on my hair helped my hair gain back it’s youthful feeling with vitamins and minerals included in it. I would recommend using I.C.O.N.’S hair oil right after you shampoo and condition your hair.
  • HEALING SPRAY: After I get out of the shower, I always have trouble finding a product that is going to de-tangle my hair and make it feel smoother before a blow-dry. Spray this after you get out of the shower when your hair is semi-damp and towel-dried.  This product is also filled with the same oils as the I.C.O.N. shampoo and conditioner. This literally left my hair with a built-in shine after a simple dry and straight style.

To visit an I.C.O.N. salon near you, or to purchase any of their products, click here



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