High heels, wedges, and platforms should come to mind when you think of Mink Shoes! This great eco-friendly shoe brand is producing trendy, beautiful shoes while remaining vegan and using products that don’t harm the environment! What makes a shoe vegan? Mink shoes does not use any animal products while manufacturing their shoes and all of their materials are pesticide free. If you buy a pair of Mink shoes you are not only doing something good for your closet, but also something good for the environment!

Mink Shoes was founded by Rebecca Mink who is labeled as the pioneer of the vegan shoe industry for over 10 years. She wants her company to exude five basic values that she calls the “Mink Mantra.” Rebecca hopes to provide Leadership, Quality, Commitment, Expression and Harmony to her thousands of customers.

Have I mentioned that the shoes are absolutely fabulous?! Every pair is made in Italy amongst other high-end shoe designers. They have been raved  about by celebrities and stylists alike and have even been featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and Forbes. Rebecca Mink has done her research and knows that the market for vegan, eco-friendly shoes is bigger than ever.

Gazelle shoe. LOVE the straps! 

I love their shoes and the designs and styles are amazing. They are colorful and fresh and really put a whole new image on eco-friendly fashion. This brand does a great job of being vegan without looking like a “vegan” shoe. The high heels are definitely not your typical vegan shoes and all of their other shoes are super cute and fun!

Lion heel. These are so perfect with the textured heel and platform!

Rebecca Mink has really done a fantastic job of revitalizing the vegan and eco-friendly shoe industry and has plenty of successes ahead of her. This shoe company will have everyone buying their products since being environmentally conscious is so vital right now. Mink Shoes are perfect for any occasion and I absolutely love every single pair!

Click Here To Shop With Mink Shoes

Summer is just around the corner, ok…actually counting down 2 weeks from now! As the editor of Chiffon Souffle, some of my most favored pieces for summer come from designer Ella Moss.

Here are my picks:

Native Halter Bikini

Calypso Stripe Bandeau Bikini

Celia Dress

Havana Dress

Calico Maxi Skirt

Aztec Camisole

Juniper Maxi Skirt

To Shop Ella Moss

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There is nothing more that I love then a simple t-shirt and a pair of casual pants! Never did I imagine that your simple basic t-shirt could have such style to it, and appeal to today’s trend world! The most favorite place to get my basics, but stay on top of today’s trends? StyleMint of coarse!

Better yet that you can even pick out your own style based off of StyleMint’s own personal stylist! How Cool!…I’ve always wanted my own personal stylist anyways!

Here are a few of our favorites for summer that will make you keep your cool


We might just have to buy out the whole collection

Andy Tank

Broadway Dress

Violet Tank

Whitney T

Miller T

Bleeker T

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Jewelry designers need an effective outlet to display their work, gain knowledge about tradeshows and learn about the new seasonal trends from clients. Corina Collections gives many fabulous jewelry designers the opportunity to partake in all of those benefits!

They are a jewelry showroom, and feature beautiful designers. They only represent designers that have a modern take on designs, use a wide range of materials, have an affordable price tag and pride themselves on originality.

In a crowded marketplace it can be hard to distinguish the good from the amazing and Corina Collections wants to make it easy for consumers to make that differentiation.  Their designers are featured in tradeshows and regional showrooms across the country where hundreds of people can look to buy their designs.

a.v. max neon cord bracelets.

Some of the designers they carry are Liquid Metal by Sergio Gutierrez, Potluck Paris, a.v. max, Zariin jewelry, and Sigalie jewelry. A.v. max is known for amazing jewelry that really correspond to the current trends. They take whatever trend is in style and transform it into beautiful accessories.

Their jewelry can be found in Bloomingdales, Anthropologie and Kitson L.A. Zariin jewelry centers around absolutely gorgeous gemstones like rose quartz, blue topaz and fluorite. They have incredible stone necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are reasonably priced and eye-catching.

Zariin Jewelry.

Corina Collections not only features jewelry brands but also accessory brands as well. Christa Louise is a scarf designer that makes colorful, luscious scarves hand-crafted by women in Mexico. The pictures make me want to grab one and wrap one around me! Scarves are a great summer accessory too as they are great for those breezy nights.

Christa Louise scarf.

I would definitely look at Corina Collections and see what they have for you! Their jewelry is unique and the designers are well-known. For those who love discovering new jewelry designers and searching where to go to buy them, Corina Collections is the place to go!

Donna Morgan was recently featured on the Today Show to show off their new fashions inspired by Kate Middleton! Who doesn’t love the down-to-earth, beautiful, and chic Duchess? Her style has been impeccable and we love her oh so much!


Donna Morgan’s clothes keep to their style but also draw inspiration from Kate Middleton so beautifully!

We also love Donna Morgan’s collection so make sure you go take a look! Their pieces really highlight some of Kate Middleton’s best looks and are so classic and perfect that they will never go out of style.

 Browse Donna Morgan’s other fantastic pieces on their website at! 

Just click the link below to see the Today Show Segment featuring Donna Morgan!

Donna Morgan on the Today Show

I love handbags. I love how they can make an outfit look so put together, how they can change with the seasons, and most of all how they can express your personality! Habjanic Handbags are a Croatian based handbag design company, and they are so incredibly unique!

Their bags are made out of recycled paper, leather, wood and metal. Some of their designs are so amazing and there is so much talent evident in their handbags.

The designer, Daniel Habjanic, draws inspiration from his childhood interests such as music or painting.  His bags are colorful and whimsical, and the designs on the bags definitely have the smooth, twirly strokes that you would find in music notes or an artists brush.

This hand made leather bag is SO beautiful. The stitching and unique  colors are so great!

This orange paper hand made bag will make any outfit pop, and is perfect for a summer day.

Habjanic Handbags definitely require a certain type of outfit. I can definitely see carrying one to a concert, a festival, a night out at a club or even for a day out in the city! They are statement bags through and through and will bring you compliments left and right! They are really so artistic and beautiful that you will be tempted to buy more than one, trust me.

In fact, they are so beautiful that they are even featured in Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses! They are right next to designers such as Chanel and Hermes. How’s that for a little prestige? Habjanic Handbags will be so successful in the American marketplace because everyone is looking for something refreshing, unique and original while still holding on to style.

I love this shoulder cell phone bag! It is the perfect accessory to bring with you when you go out!

I love this brand so much, especially for pursuing something that the designer really believes in. I love that these bags are so different and beautiful and something that everyone can use. Habjanic Handbags are gaining popularity and spreading to other markets so check out their bags now before everyone wants one!

I was recently introduced to Jam Shoes and just fell in love. The collection is jam-packed with spunky and fresh designs for every shoe and every women’s occasion. Each one pair of these shoes are a perfect fit to add a little pop into your daily outfit, and will pretty much grab the attention of anyone. Jam Shoes are made of completely leather and when you purchase any pair of shoes from Jam’s AW12 collection, you will be 1 of 100 people worldwide to own the same pair! Each pair of Jam Shoes comes with a personalized authenticity card marked with your own shoes number! I just love that!

Jam Shoes makes a women feel fierce,yet one who is not afraid to be bold with her fashion sense to make a statement.

Here are a few of our favorites at Chiffon Souffle that are assured to show off your sense of style:

Grace Kelly In Cream


 Sasha In Red

SJP In Denim

To Shop With Jam Shoes

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This post is so relevant for me, and I am sure a lot of other people out there as well! Whether you are a recent college grad, moving out of your parents house, or even just looking to redecorate your apartment be sure to check out Haus Interior! Their style is quirky and fun and perfect for anyone who wants to add a little of this and a little of that to their apartment.

Inside their Los Angeles store.

With two stores in LA and NYC, Haus Interior has a fun, earthy feel that will add a little bit of personality to your home. They are masculine, mid-century modern with a strong emphasis on graphic and geometric patterns as well as mixing natural organic elements.

Sculptures and baskets and lamps and pillows line their shelves and while the colors are neutral, their style is simply perfect. They have the perfect candles that I would scent my apartment with and the perfect coasters that I would use for my weekend get togethers! Here are some of my other favorite products…

Bark Table Lamp! This is perfect for adding some warmth to any room.

Standing Chalkboard! How creative and artistic is this? I can definitely picture using this for grocery and to-do lists!

Haus Interiors takes their interior decorating to both coasts and can definitely be the right touch to an LA beach house or an NYC West Village apartment. Their pieces have a certain style but they can really be used anywhere and even in multiple rooms. Want to put that great lamp in your den? How about putting it on your night table in your bedroom? You can mix and match where you want to put your decorations.

Porcelain Rope Canister! The rope detail on top made this piece stand out and is the perfect accent to your kitchen.

Their darker vibe and earthy tones make Haus Interiors the perfect place to get all your home décor needs. I really had trouble picking out my favorite things from their website. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the old, and bring in the new!

Any apartment or home can look like it is newly furnished with the addition of a few new pieces. Haus Interiors will definitely do the trick! Check out their website or stores and see all the great items for yourself!

Bauble Bar is no joke, and by no joke I mean it is seriously the most amazing online fashion jewelry company ever! They have every kind of jewelry style you can imagine and literally something for every type of person. Whether you want something long, edgy, soft, chunky, or girly you will find it at Bauble Bar!

The even more amazing thing about this website is that since they are an online based company they do not sell their jewelry for the same marked-up prices as most department stores and boutiques!

I really had trouble picking out my favorite pieces from Bauble Bar because everything is just so great! Really, I’m not kidding, every single piece is beautiful. Wrap bracelets, pink stud earrings, stone necklaces, stackable rings, I can go on and on!

Black Gypsy Drop Earrings! Funky and trendy and adorable!

Sanibel Pendant Necklace! So cute for Summer.

Cote Charm Strand Bracelet! Another great choice for Summer.

On a side note the Ladybug Earrings, and wrap bracelets were my favorites also!

I don’t know about you, but I love to find affordable jewelry that is also of high quality. Sometimes I buy a pair of delicate earrings that break within the first week! Bauble Bar prides themselves on bringing you only the highest quality jewelry so that you can enjoy your “Baubles” for years to come!

I think everyone can relate to Bauble Bar’s style. They have jewelry that you can wear to work or a date and can take you from day to night. I would definitely head over to their website to see all of the fabulous pieces they have! I already have about five pieces on my wish list!

Long Champagne Rock Charm Necklace! Delicate and pretty!

I also love the name Bauble Bar. I think it is cute and funky and totally representative of the jewelry they have! It is like going out to a bar and picking out a drink from their cocktail menu but instead you are going to a jewelry “bar” and picking out an amazing piece of jewelry!

As you can see I can’t say enough amazing things about this brand! Bauble Bar will definitely become more and more popular and I can’t wait to see all the new trends they come out with!

If you love anything vintage with a modern twist, anything colorful, anything trendy, or unique, I have the perfect brand for you! Sanctuary Clothing is an amazing, truly amazing, brand that highlights the individuality of Los Angeles. They pay close attention to details and emphasize the effortless cool vibe that every modern girl wants to achieve.

I am in love with their colors, (pastels and brights are SO my thing!) and their flowy, soft pieces that have the perfect vintage feel. I absolutely admire their philosophy of creating timeless pieces for the modern girl who seems to be everywhere at any time.

Young women are becoming more and more successful and crave style that matches their daily lifestyles, and Sanctuary Clothing fits that belief flawlessly.

I would wear any of their pieces in a heartbeat! They carry the hottest trends, (think colored denim and soft dresses) and clothing that can take you anywhere you go. They really believe in having timeless clothing that can take you throughout the day, and I can totally see myself wearing their line to a work function or to a concert. Sanctuary Clothing can really take you anywhere. Here are some of my favorites!

I am LOVING the Leotie Crinkle Skirt. How comfortable and cute does this look?! It can take you from an outdoor BBQ to a summer cocktail party.

Their Charmer Skinny Jean takes on the latest trends of the season with brights and pastel colors.

This Americana tank can be worn while sipping drinks in your backyard and to your favorite concert!

I am thrilled that they have recently launched their e-commerce website! I have been browsing their site a lot to see their new arrivals, and who doesn’t love the convenience of online shopping?

Their line is also available in national department stores, specialty chains and specialty boutiques. I will definitely be checking the racks of my local boutiques for this brand!

From denim jackets, to fitted tees and modern skirts, Sanctuary Clothing is such a unique and classic brand. None of their pieces will go out of style, and their timeless fashion is popular among women of all ages.

Not only will I expect to hear more and more about Sanctuary Clothing but I will also eagerly await their new seasonal lines each year! I am completely infatuated with this new line.

I was recently introduced to Vitamin A Swimwear, and my eyes couldn’t leave site of these fantastic pieces. So what is it about Vitamin A Swimwear that makes each piece so unique? Created by Amahila Stevens, Vitamin A bikinis are the alternate to that perfect ” Little Black Dress “, where you instantly want to feel chic, sexy and slim automatically. For Vitamin A Swimwear, perfect fit is everything!

Where could you of possibly seen these fabulous bikinis? Major celebs such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, and AnnaLynne Mccord have all been pictured in this brilliant line.
All of these ultra-sexy suits are made with clean swimwear fabric, using 100% recycled nylon fiber. And more reasons to don a Vitamin A?… A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Heal The Bay.
Created in the heart of Laguna Beach, California, Vitamin A Swimwear is a girls swimwear dream!
Every Girl Needs Their Vitamins Too!
A few of our must-have favorites:
Shop Vitamin A Swimwear:

I was walking the streets of NYC yesterday and happened to come across a Club Monaco store. To be honest, I really don’t shop at Club Monaco, but since last night, that has all changed.

I fell in LOVE with every single piece in their store! I literally could have walked out of there with bags and bags of clothes, and jewelry. Let me take you on a little tour of Club Monaco and their style…

They are owned by Polo Ralph Lauren so you can guess that they are going to have a little prep in their clothing lines. However, it is the perfect amount of prep, with the perfect amount of contemporary, fashion-forward pieces that every city girl should own. The best part about it is that most of their clothing can take you from the office to happy hour by adding a necklace or putting on a pair of pumps.

This is the perfect example of a day-to-night dress! This dress is totally appropriate for the office, and with the addition of a statement necklace or cute pumps, it can take you right to happy hour!

Some of their items are a little expensive, but all of their pieces are great investments. They mostly have neutral colors and simple lines. The quality and lining of their clothes are top-notch and most of their clothing will not go out of style. When I walked into the store I got a half Madewell, half Banana Republic type of feel which immediately appealed to me. Their clothes are girly, put together, and have the perfect amount of prep and polish.

I fell in love with this skirt! It can be paired with a cute blouse and great shoes and the color blocking details on top are a great touch. Plus, there’s an exposed zipper on the back which is super cute!

This statement necklace will go great with any of the above pieces. Throw it on to complete any outfit!

I love this top because it is so versatile. Wear it with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt and you’re set.

Luckily for me they have a 20% student discount, so if you are a student, take advantage of that! I will definitely be buying a few things from Club Monaco this month and I cannot wait to put that skirt, or dress, or blouse, or cami to good use this summer!

One of our favorite new brands this month is Tiny Devotions & believe it or not, this is our early April giveaway starting Monday, so watch out. If you haven’t heard of Tiny Devotions, however, they are a fresh & hip inspired company that creates mala beads and accessories for that special bohemian girl.

What do mala beads represent you may ask?

The mala beads represent the free spirited lifestyle of overall living your true dreams.

The Tiny Devotions girl is free spirited and connected but is also driven to leave her mark on the world while turning heads as she does it.

Some of our favorite pieces:

Love Stack

Amethyst Om Mala

Buddha Stack

Balance Stack 



If you ever get tired of those same old, simple, one-color bikinis, ( I know I look for some great new swimwear fashion all the time!) go check out Qiss Qiss Swimwear! This is a new, trendy, eye-catching, swimwear line by renowned designer Reyhan Sofraci.

Their swimsuits are to die for, they will definitely catch your eye, (and everyone else’s!) on the beach this summer. This is the absolute perfect brand to go to when you’re looking for some new swimsuits to update your summer wardrobe.

From bikinis to tankinis, monokinis, and mix-and-match suits, Qiss Qiss has many swimwear options for your next vacation. The colors are vibrant and fresh and the styles are edgy and contemporary.

The young and trendy fashionista who wants it all; comfort, style, attention and great swimwear will definitely want to be wearing these swimsuits this summer.

The idea of Qiss Qiss is to put the attention on you! And what a great idea that is! With their fun and sexy styles you will have everyone turning their heads and wondering what bikini, (or monokini, tankini, mix-and-match bikini!) you are wearing. Here are some of my favorite styles!

This one-shoulder bikini is absolutely stunning!

This one might be my favorite! The style and colors are fabulous.

It is all about color and comfort this summer season and what better way to kick off the summer than with a new bikini that you feel sexy, confident and comfortable in?! I have taken a look at many of their pieces and I am absolutely in love with every single one. I can see each piece going with many different beach outfits and I am obsessed with anything mix-and-match.

Qiss Qiss is definitely a designer brand to keep an eye out for this upcoming summer season. It is a unique and vibrant brand that will definitely be featured in the fashion and entertainment magazines we will be carrying with us in our beach totes as we make our way to the pool this summer!

To Shop Qiss Qiss Swimwear

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If you don’t already know Alice & Olivia, you’re about to see what you’re missing out on! Alice & Olivia is probably my favorite designer and I l-o-v-e their Spring 2012 collection.

Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice & Olivia is inspired by art, music, family and friends and puts her own spin on each piece. She has even designed the “Stacey pant,” known for their flattering cut and awesome fit.

Alice & Olivia exude just the right amount of feminine with a modern twist. The collections can be worn day or night, to work or out with the girls!

What I love so much about Alice & Olivia is that instead of the harsh fabrics and lines you see in many designers collections, they have softer, more flowy lines with a hint of edge. You can feel girly in their clothes and still have that edgier spark!

Their Spring 2012 collection is just to die for!  Stacey Bendet really put a lot of color and shape into these designs. Here are some pieces from their Spring 2012 collection…

This girly dress goes perfectly with the leather jacket! See what I mean about the edgy side?!

I am loving those pants! The bright colors on top add great contrast.

Those shorts! I need a pair now…

This dress is the perfect example of day-to-night wear.

Stacey Pant.

The line is a little pricey but I absolutely adore everything about this brand! I would honestly dress head to toe in Alice & Olivia if I could!

I cannot wait to see these Spring 2012 fashions by Alice & Olivia out and about on the streets of LA and NYC!

We couldn’t help it, but literally think to want every bikini from Jherra Moreno’s (celebrity hair stylist-turned bikini designer) new bikini line Skimpy Swimwear.

With Jherra being a self-taught designer, looking to differ a bikini line from the rest of the swimsuit world wasn’t a hard task. Collecting bikinis over the years Jherra would always either alter them, add hardware, or add rhinestones to whatever was thought to have been missing from the bikini.

….One thing that stood out about Jherra to us over most designers was that she had the ” I can make that “attitude and made 28 bikinis of her own, then chose 8 of her favorites to reproduce them! Talk about total dedication people!!

Jherra found the overall inspiration for Skimpy Swimwear in her city, the city of angels, and would blend elements together of an upscale street style into her line.

Her goal you may ask? She wants women to feel sexy, show off their curves, but feel confident and fun all at the same time. Jherra knows that a women will feel confident from head-to-toe in Skimpy because she always asks herself “would i wear this?”.

Since Skimpy Swimwear’s launch in 2011, it has been one of the most talked about swimwear lines that captures the entire appeal of the Los Angeles lifestyle. Not to mention that it also appeals to colorful women across the globe who want to express their sexy side.

Skimpy Swimwear has the look of a woman that wants to be admired, and who wants to seek attention to herself and be noticed.

Take note that these bikinis are not for the shy girl,they will make heads turn wherever you go and the collection automatically commands attention.

The line showcases the flirty-fun attitude and each unique piece shows off the sweet life of L.A with vibrant colors, and edgy,dainty details.

All of the Skimpy Swimwear bikinis are made from the highest quality swimwear fabrics, and are constructed in small batches to ensure excellent quality.

Did we tell you that the tops and bottoms are mix-match styles too? The best possible thing any designer could ever invent ( no need to worry about going through the stress of finding matching sized tops & bottoms, yes! )

Our thoughts on Skimpy Swimwear overall?

We give it & Jherra an A+! There is nothing more inspiring then a line inspired by our favorite city and we love that each piece from the collection has it’s own individuality for that unique women!

Skimpy Swimwear is a must & we will be getting ready for summer ourselves with this line!

To Shop With Skimpy Swimwear

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